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- poet, writer, author, 

Current News & Updates

  • All of my books are available at my author spotlight on Lulu. You can also find them on Amazon and online at Barnes and Noble. Pick up a copy today! Happy reading everyone. -:)

  • I am working on my second poetry anthology. It's a nature poetry anthology. Hope to release it sometime this year.

  • I recently joined PenStrokes where people share their poetry and other creative writing. So far I've only published poetry but hope to share other creative writing in the future. Check it out: My PenStrokes 

  • I am currently working on my tenth book. It will feature poetry and maybe even some lyrics and prose.

  • I now publish books for other authors. Check out my publishing website for all the info - publishingforless.webs.com

  • I have started a writing group on Facebook where you can share poetry, lyrics, prose and other writings, as well as share your books and more. I invite you to join Creative Writers Spotlight.

  • My poem "My Tears" won first place in a poetry challenge. 

  • I love photography and sharing it with others. Please check out my photography page on Facebook:Lena Kovadlo Photography where you will find photographs that I have taken and images that I have created. 

  • I have started a new blog called Timeless Treasures where I will post some of my writing - poetry, lyrics, prose, fiction and others. Please visit this blog and leave your comments on whatever you read.  TIMELESS TREASURES

  • My poem "Nowhere To Be Found" is featured in an e-magazine called In the Gesture of Words.

  • I am now on Tubmlr. Follow me here: http://lovebuglena.tumblr.com

  • I have joined Wattpad. Check out my page here: http://www.wattpad.com/user/LenaKovadlo

  • I have started a cooking blog called Lena's Culinary Delights. Check it out today for delicious and healthy recipes, cooking tips, and other interesting things in the culinary world. I also have a page on Facebook of the same name. Please check it out and don't forget to like - Lena's Culinary Delights 

  • If you love sharing recipes and cooking related stuff with others I invite you to join my cooking group on Facebook Creative Culinary Delights