Current News & Updates

  • All of my print books are available at my author spotlight on Lulu. You can also find them on Amazon and online at Barnes and Noble. Pick up a copy today! The e-book versions are available
    on the ibookstore, nook, kindle, kobo and at lulu. Happy reading everyone. -:) 

  • My new book Scenes from a Quirky Life is out now. It is my first limerick book and 12th book to-date.

  • I now publish books for other authors. Check out my publishing website for all the info - publishingforless.webs.com

  • I have started a writing group on Facebook where you can share poetry, lyrics, prose and other writings, as well as share your books and more. I invite you to join Creative Writers' Spotlight.

  • My poem "My Tears" won first place in a poetry challenge. 

  • I love photography and sharing it with others. Please check out my photography page on Facebook Lena Kovadlo Photography and my Instagram page. 

  • I have started a new blog called Lena's Timeless Treasures where I will post some of my writing - poetry, lyrics, prose, fiction and others. Please visit this blog and leave your comments on whatever you read. 

  • My poem "Nowhere To Be Found" is featured in an e-magazine called In the Gesture of Words.

  • I am now on Tumblr. Follow me here: http://lovebuglena.tumblr.com

  • I have joined Wattpad. Check out my page here: http://www.wattpad.com/user/LenaKovadlo

  • I have started a cooking blog called Lena's Culinary Delights. Check it out today for delicious and healthy recipes, cooking tips, and other interesting things in the culinary world. I also have a page on Facebook of the same name. Please check it out and don't forget to like - Lena's Culinary Delights

  • If you love sharing recipes and cooking related stuff with others I invite you to join my cooking group on Facebook Creative Culinary Delights.