I was born on December 24, 1982 in Minsk, Belarus. On November 16, 1992 I immigrated with my family to the United States and New York City became my new home. I first lived in Brooklyn and then moved to Staten Island where I now live.

I always loved to write. As soon as I mastered the English language my writing journey began. I have a huge writing portfolio (over 1000 works) that includes poetry, lyrics, prose, short stories, fiction, non-fiction, web articles, blog posts, and a novel. My written work can be found published on various websites such as HubPages, Wikinut, Wizzley, Writing.com, and AuthorsDen.

I am now a published author with eleven books to my name: Pieces of Me (poetry), Soundtrack of My Life: Volume 1 (lyrics), Soundtrack of My Life: Volume 2 (lyrics), Diary of a Crush (poetry, lyrics, and prose), Treasure (poetic tale), Melodies of the Heart (lyrics), A Crimson Tide (poetry), The Secret Life of Ashley Miles (a novel), An Unforgettable Journey (poetry, lyrics, and prose), Reflections of the Heart (poetry and lyrics), and Frozen in Time (poetry and lyrics). I have also put together and published two poetry anthologies that feature poets from around the world: Voices of the World and Whispers in the Wind. You can find them on lulu.com and online on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other online retailers. Be sure to pick up a copy of the books if you haven't done so already and please spread the word.

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Besides writing, I also loves to cook and share recipes and cooking tips with others. I publish my recipes on HubPages and on my culinary blog - Lena's Culinary Delights. I also have a culinary page on Facebook with the same name. Please check it out and don't forget to LIKE.

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