An Unforgettable Journey (book of poetry, lyrics, prose)

"It's a long time since I've read a book in one sitting, but once I started this I couldn't put it down. Another amazing offering from one of my favourite authors, Lena Kovadlo. This book takes the reader on a journey through poetry, lyrics and prose. Subjects covered include love, heartache, disappointment, bullying, feeling different and left out, and struggling to find a place in life, as well as the one thing we all search for, true love. The issues are handled sensitively and the author has a talent for description and reeling the reader into her world and emotions, as seen from the writer's point of view, but in a way that makes the reader feel empathy and want to cheer the author on in her quest for love and acceptance. I found the author's use of three different writing styles very refreshing, and she excels at all three. What more can I say? I'm very glad I purchased this book and I very much look forward to the next installment and I wish Lena all the best in her future life. One last word, superb!" ~ Nicola Ward - poet/author of Hurt

The Secret Life of Ashley Miles (a novel)

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"Finished your book. The ending was rather unexpected. Loved it!" ~ Valentina S.

"The Secret Life of Ashley Miles is a book you do not want to miss reading; it's full of twists and turns in a young woman's life. You'll find yourself engrossed in a story that you don't want to put down. You'll want to assist Ashley with her life but no-one can help her but herself. Will Ashley's life crumble or will she see the light at the end of a dark tunnel. This is a great book and I would recommend it highly!" ~ Barbara Kasey Smith - author of Jailbait

"I have finished reading your book. I really enjoyed it and it was hard to put down as you do inspire the reader to keep going to find out more. You made me as the reader take a living part in the journey throughout. It does remind me of some of the same things that have happened to me and it touches memories of that. I wanted to start reading a sequel for a follow up from there. You have a great gift and I am glad I had an opportunity to read your story." ~ Diane DeHaan - poet/writer

"As a longtime fan of Lena Kovadlo's poetry books, I eagerly awaited reading her debut novel. As with her poetry books, it didn't disappoint. This book is fiction but so well written as to be believeable, both the plot but also the main character's reactions and emotions to the different events happening in her life. Life is never easy or all plain sailing, it's about learning to cope with the many mountains and hurdles we all face. The suspense in this book kept me gripped, and the end was a very pleasant surprise for me. Well done Lena Kovadlo on your first novel, and I hope to read more from you soon. I recommend both this novel plus Lena's poetry books to everyone, she writes honestly and truthfully about various aspects of life, her writing is very relatable and there is something for everyone." ~ Nicola Ward - poet/author of Hurt and Scars

A Crimson Tide (book of poetry)

"I have just had the privilege of reading “A Crimson Tide” by author and poet Lena Kovadlo. I have read her other books and thoroughly enjoyed them but, in my opinion, this one is her best thus far. She employs different forms of poetry to express many themes that are an integral part of the human experience in this life, in this world. Some of the themes include nature, love, romance, heartbreak, friendship and death. Many of her poems are to me, poignant, compelling, engaging, and moving to the point where they “speak” deeply into my soul and echo there. Several of her poems are so meaningful to me that they seem almost intimate. They remind me of the song by Roberta Flack, “Killing Me Softly.” Ms. Kovadlo seems to express herself through her poetry without any hesitation; her words are inspired and seem to flow like a natural spring bubbling from the earth. Even if you are not inclined to read poetry, I invite you to try this book; you may well change your mind about this literary form and you may even be inclined afterwards to try and express yourself through poetry. I give Ms. Kovadlo’s “A Crimson Tide” five stars out of five." ~ Regis Auffray - poet/author of Glimpses

"Having had the pleasure of reading Lena Kovadlo's other 6 books, I looked forward to this eagerly. I wasn't at all disappointed. Join Lena as she takes you through her experiences and views on different universal topics such as love and death. Her words and imagery will leave a tear or a smile on your face. You will not regret nor easily forget reading this book, I can't recommend it enough!!" ~ Nicola Ward - poet/author of Hurt

"Finished your book. The ending was rather unexpected. Loved it!" ~ Valentina S.
Praise for Melodies of the Heart (book of lyrics)

"I am still in the process of reading Lena Kovadlo's latest book, Melodies of the Heart, which will definitely sing to you. I am constantly amazed by this Poet's ability to rearrange my emotions and make me feel and think and ponder the outcome of life. She is vivid with her imagery and writes straight from the heart to yours. Highly recommended for other Poets or those who simply love to read Poetry." ~ Susan Joyner-Stumpf - poet/novelist/author of Song of the Wood and other books

"I'm reading Melodies of the Heart by Lena Kovadlo and WOW, I knew she was talented but the lyrics are really touching me. I'd recommend it if you like poetry and lyrics. I just read the book in one sitting. Really enjoyed it." ~ Nicola Ward - poet/author of Hurt

Treasure (poetic tale)

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"I have read Treasure and have been swept away by this Author's ability to take you on a journey with her words. Treasure would make a magical movie . . . it is spellbinding and will make you crave a Sequel. It is full of love and magic and mystery . . . all the ingredients one needs for an excellent read. I highly recommend Treasure to anyone who has an imagination and a craving for magic and mystery." ~ Susan Joyner-Stumpf - poet/novelist/author of Song of the Wood and other books

"A beautiful poetic tale which I found gripping and inspiring. Comes right from the author's heart and a lot of hard work was out into the storyline and rhyming. I would recommend this to any poetry/romance lovers. 5/5" ~ Nicola Ward - poet/author of Hurt

"Amazing!" ~ Valentina S.

"Let yourself be swept away in this fantasy tale of love, the ultimate treasure. Ms. Kovadlo takes the reader on a magical ride in flowing verses that captivate and enchant." ~ Regis Auffray - poet/author of Glimpses

Diary of a Crush (book of poetry, lyrics, prose)

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"I have read DIARY OF A CRUSH by Lena Kovadlo. She never ceases to amaze me. This unique author takes emotions and paints them with words straight from her heart to yours. In this particular book Lena dwelves mostly in what it's like to fall in and out of love and all the emotions that accompany love both lost and found. If you want to fall in love again and re-visit those feelings; if you want to remember how it felt to suffer a broken heart, Diary of a Crush will take you back in time to where you are ready to fall back in love again ~ back in love again with this Author, Lena Kovadlo." ~ Susan Joyner-Stumpf - poet/novelist/author of Song of the Wood and other books

"In Diary of a Crush, Ms. Kovadlo honestly shares the highs and lows of love; its laughter and tears, its joys and sorrows, its integral part of life and living. I often found myself moved to tears as I read the poems because so much of what is expressed within them stirred the depth of my soul. Anyone who has been in love, who is in love, or who will be in love will find something to relate to in Ms. Kovadlo's poetry." ~ Regis Auffray - poet/author of Glimpses

"I really enjoyed this book. Lena's writing is excellent and she explains love and crushes very well, and all that goes with it. Her book contains writing in three different forms which take the reader through the journey of having a crush. Well worth buying." ~ Nicola Ward - poet/author of Hurt

Soundtrack of My Life - volumes 1 & 2 (book of lyrics)

"Lena Kovadlo's Soundtrack of My Life: Volume I & II, take you on a song ride through this Author's heart. She pours her Soul into each lyric. Beautiful songs by a beautiful Author." ~ Susan Joyner-Stumpf - poet/novelist/author of Song of the Wood and other books

Pieces of Me (book of poetry)

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"I have read Pieces of Me and it has left an indelible mark on me....definitely has taken pieces of me, as well, into its fold. Lena Kovadlo really knows how to draw the reader in to her emotional roller coaster ride, everything from wonder of nature to a broken heart, and all that lies in-between. Lena will inspire you to write straight from the heart, for that is the origination point of where she begins her magical words. I highly recommend this book of Poetry to those who are writers themselves or lovers of words that capture the Soul ~ her words will take pieces from you and make you a better person." ~ Susan Joyner-Stumpf - poet/novelist/author of Song of the Wood and other books

"In this collection of poems, Ms. Kovadlo shares of her self. As I read her verses, I find myself relating to so much of what she expresses about life and love and all that these entail. I find that "Pieces of Me" are indeed pieces of my own experience in many ways. Ms. Kovadlo's poems are a way of getting to know her but also an insight into one's own "self" as one relates to what she shares. "Pieces of Me" is a meaningful and enjoyable reading experience." ~ Regis Auffray - poet/author of Glimpses

Priceless Princess Poetry

"Sitting in the Cathedral of Life and gazing into a beautiful stained glass window, wonderful stories unfold with vivid and colorful pictures. “Pieces of Me”, is my cathedral and Lena Kovadlo is the artist that creates beautiful stories in glass. With the eye of an artist, the songs of a lyricist and the heart of a poet, pieces of glass form a whole. As I am drawn into the cathedral to walk the halls and read the stories in glass, I am drawn into “Pieces of Me”, to walk the halls of its pages.

“Pieces of Me”, is pieces of her; held up to a mirror it is pieces of you. Life’s stories unfold with beauty, mystery, and adventure. Within the intrigue of its pages, you are captured and whirled into a breathtaking journey of poetic wit. We take a romp through nature full of delights big and small, happy and sad with the feeling of sweet raindrops touching the skin on a hot day. Our romp through nature relaxes and opens our minds in preparation for the valleys and peaks of love. Poems to warm your heart and for some, poems that will drain your eyes are delivered by the loved and loving. As I am a man of passion and dreams, I will confess with small tears in my eyes, this is my favorite room in the cathedral. With hanky in hand, Lena enters our minds with “Mind Twister”, a section well named. Moreover, as a reminder that she is not quite done with our hearts, she opens the section with a heartbreaking poem aptly named “Torture”. Much more than love fills the philosophical, metaphor rich dark section that reaches into the corners of our minds. Then with the mercy of an enchanted good fairy, we get a breather and a closer look into the author’s mind. “Fruits of the Mind”, is a colorful tapestry in stained glass, a powerfully thoughtful section. If you have a lustful mind and appreciate a beautiful woman bare, “Rants of the Mind”, is your section. In a twist on published art we see Lena raw. Unedited, flaring and flowing pieces of her mind, Lena is a woman not afraid to say what she is thinking. In the closing section, "Back in the Day", we get to reminisce over our journey while Lena does the same. Here we get the unique opportunity in flashbacks to see how a master poet breathes the first breaths of life.

“Pieces of Me”, is universal, it contains much for all; it is impossible to consider a library of great volumes complete that does not contain a copy of Lena Kovadlo’s, “Pieces of Me”." ~ James L. Finley - poet/author of Wandering Wounds

"Lena is a good buddy of mine I met through WDC ( It's a good site, with lots of amazing people, lots of amazing under-rated authors, and she definitely fits into that category. I actually was gifted the book, and was even more excited for the mail than usual. It's a volume of poetry you should most certainly pick up; simple words with bigger meanings. And as she says, you'll find pieces of yourself in it also." ~ bekkah

"I really enjoyed this book. Lena writes with honesty and from the heart about a range of topics anyone can relate to. Well done." ~ Nicola Ward - poet/author of Hurt

Truly Inspiring"The writings in this poetry book will bring you into a mental state of complete comfort. This book as a companion is like being in your favorite part of your childhood home with the familiar smells of something scrumptious baking wafting in from the kitchen. It is truly unique, mostly because it seems very honest work." ~ PassionateAustenite

Reflective and Deeply Emotional

Pieces Of Me, the first book of poetry by Lena Kovadlo, contains 178 poems organized in seven sections - Nature’s Love, Garden Of Love, Ocean Of Tears, Mind Twister, Fruits Of The Mind, Rants Of The Mind and Back In The Day.

The book begins with Nature’s Love where I quickly fell in love with the poem Crying Out - a poem that embraces nature for all it is and at the same time recognizes that nature’s true love can only be found in God. Leaving nature behind, Kovadlo continues to impress with the highly romantic You’re In My Thoughts In The Night.

I lie there in my bed
Beneath the cool covers
Looking up at the stars
Hanging above me in my room

And at that moment
As my eyes begin to close
And I drift into the land of dreams
My thoughts drift to you

I picture you there in your room
Lying still without the covers
Staring at the dark ceiling
Thinking of me beside you

And that warms me all over
Envelops me in your sweet embrace
And brings me closer to you
Making my dreams magical and unforgettable

But Pieces Of Me is not a poetry book that only consists of these two themes. There are also truths found in her poetry. For example her poem Shadow is a blunt pronunciation of loneliness.

I am but a shadow
Invisible to the passing eye
Of those who know me
Those who lay eyes on me
But to a wandering stranger
I am an actual being
Roaming this universe
I am a living, breathing creature
In need of attention
In need of comfort
In need of support
In need of everything
That my people never give

Another poem, I Am A Closet, is full of raw imagery and deals with one struggling to find their way back into the light.

In an old creepy house
In a corner of an empty room
There I stand
A closet
Reeking of filth and mold
With wide open doors
And broken handles
With faded paint
And splintered shelves
With a dusty ripped book
And a pair of worn out shoes
Sagging to the bottom
I am on the verge of collapsing
Being ruined forever
And there is nothing
Absolutely nothing
And no one
That will be able
To bring me back to life

Kovadlo’s poems are introspective, reflective and deeply emotional and a must read. Pieces Of Me will make you fall in love with poetry all over again." ~ Ofira Sephiroth - poet/writer/author of Versified Darkness and other books

A Must For Any Emotional Poetry Readers

"Lena has a wonderful way with emotion. The poems are are emotional and beautifully written. You will probably find yourself relating to the content of the poems as well. This is a must have for any poetry reader, especially if you like emotional poetry." ~ penguin

"This is a must have for any poetry lover. Lena has a knack for writing emotional poetry. There is something for everyone here. Poems varying on different subjects and emotions. You are sure to find some you can relate too.

The poems are all well written and do an excellent job of conveying emotion." ~ Melissa Wooley - poet/writer

Just that amazing...

"Sometimes, the most dramatic and most influential item to say when encountering a gem like this, is the blunt and honest truth. You can dance around the subject or come right out and say it, and there is no reason why we should have to suffer through the agony of reading a review, or book for that matter, that prances and pretends. It's a devious way of not getting yourself hurt. Well, I have no fear of prancing, and I have no fear of getting hurt, because in all truth, Lena's book has not only saved my life countless times, but it has allowed me for a better existence. Her passion, her strength, her very core is etched across the pages of this book, and for no reason, should that be glazed over. It is the blunt truth when I say that this is a masterpiece. A beautiful scene and show for the world to see. She places herself out there, for the entire world to see. Exposing herself... her very essence to those that might find it, unimaginably speaking, raw. But that is where the grace comes from. It's pure, unsoiled by processing, and empowered by actual events. She is the gem in which we've been waited for. The next beautiful soul to aid us in our journey through life. It's happened through countless other, renowned artists, and you are sure to find that same emotional depth in this work of art. It is a beauty, and if you have any half a mind, any who read this, you should buy this book. You won't forget it." ~ Allie Batt - poet/writer

This is a Must Have Item

"The subject line for this review says all that you need to know.  This is a Must Have item. The book contains pieces that will make you smile, pieces that will make you laugh and pieces that will make you cry. There is something for everyone in this book, there is not a heart that it cannot touch, and in fifty years time when they are teaching these pieces in schools right round the world you can know that you were right here at the start of her published career. If I were in your position and reading this, trying to make up my mind whether I should buy this item I'd stop umming and ahing and buy it. It will be the best purchase you make this year, I know it was the best thing I bought last year. Buy it. Now." ~ woolicane - songwriter/writer