Ever since I came to the United States and had a full grasp of the English language, I immediately fell in love with the world of creative writing. It has become my passion and a huge part of my life.

I started writing in the late 1990s and have not stopped since. To this day I have brought to life over 1000 works, which include poetry, lyrics, short stories, fiction, prose, blog posts, web articles, and a novel. 

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Contest Winners

Here is some of my poetry and lyrics that have become winners in various writing contests...

My Tears - 1st Place Winner

My tears never brand me as a squirt

The salty drops they flood my aching heart
And then caress the wounds that won’t depart
To cleanse the soul from the binding hurt
My tears glisten like the morning dew
The salty drops caress my face of sorrow
And soak the feathered pillow of tomorrow
So I may once again awake refreshed, anew

© Copyright 2015 by Lena Kovadlo

The Colors of Love - 1st Place Winner

My world was gray and cloudy
Until you came along
Blue with lots of rainy days
I was drowning in my song

And when night crept up on me
I felt alone and hollow
I always craved for sunlight
And wished it was tomorrow

I never thought it possible
That someday I would find
Someone as sweet and caring
Someone who’d blow my mind

Then one fine day to my surprise
You came and rescued me
An angel sent here from above
You’ve drowned my misery

No longer is my world so blue
Or gray or black or hollow
It’s filled with only brightest hues
And colorful tomorrows

To me the grays are snowflakes
That penetrate my soul
And black is filled with magic stars
As nightly dreams afloat

There's burning reds with flaming love
The warmth of orange sun
There's the embrace of waterfalls
Refreshing and so calm

And there's the lightest blue in me
When tears start to stream
But these are drops of happiness
For sorrow's not within

There's every kind of color now
But each is filled with love
Thanks to the sweetest caring angel
Sent to me from above

Written January 10, 2008

© Copyright 2008 Lena Kovadlo

The Beginning of Something New - 1st Place Winner

I wake up in the morning
The sun is shining through
I look down at my teddy
And what I see is you
You’re staring back at me
With those loving eyes
I kiss your nose gently
And float into the skies

This wild ride between me and you
This incredible feeling so true
It’s the beginning of something new
Because there is me and you

I lie there in my bathtub
The water raining down
I’m soaked in drops of heaven
Your presence fills me now
You shower me with goose bumps
You cuddle me with love
You cleanse all of my troubles
And make me soar above

This wild ride between me and you
This incredible feeling so true
It’s the beginning of something new
Because there is me and you

I look up at the starry skies
Illuminate the night
And I am spellbound from three words
The stars connect and write
They spell out “I love you”
And I begin to melt
My lips begin to tingle
A kiss so real is felt

This wild ride between me and you
This incredible feeling so true
It’s the beginning of something new
Because there is me and you

My life was nothing till you came along
Now it found new meaning turned into a song
It’s beautiful and wonderful and magical and fun
A fairy tale adventure I craved for has begun
With every passing day there’s always something new
Each day’s a new beginning because there’s me and you

This wild ride between me and you
This incredible feeling so true
It’s the beginning of something new
Because there is me and you

As long as there’s me and you
It’ll be the beginning of something new

Written December 28, 2007

© Copyright 2007 Lena Kovadlo

Christmas Miracle - 1st Place Winner

You're my Christmas miracle
You’re my shining star
Up there on my Christmas tree
Stretching wide and far

You’re my snow angel
That guards me through the day
You’re the beautiful snowflakes
Falling down my face

You’re my Christmas present
On a cold Christmas Eve
When my birthday’s here
You’re just what I need

But you’ll never be here
Because you’re miles away
And I’ll find myself blue
Unable to pass the day

At least I’ll feel your love
You sent across the miles
And that will bring the happiness
And lots of widest smiles

You’re my Christmas miracle
Of that I have no doubt
Because you came into my life
And turned it inside out

You made me feel complete
And filled my empty heart
You made me feel so special
Right from the very start

And you’re the perfect present
Beneath the Christmas tree
That I have ever gotten
Or will receive you see

The only thing that’s better
Is if you’re by my side
And when that finally happens
You’ll be forever mine

So that’s the Christmas miracle
I’ll wish with snow each year
Until you’re really in my arms
To love and hold dear

Written December 17, 2007

© Copyright 2007 Lena Kovadlo

Torn - 3rd Place Winner

Torn - 3rd Place Winner

You swept me away, turned my world upside down
And now that you've fled I'm starting to drown
Emotions rage within me so strong
I'm no more the same I was all along
Can't quiet the thoughts of you on my mind
Can't dry out the tears that pour out and grind
The flesh and whatever is left of me here
All I am is a hopeless being of fear
I no longer exist in your world anymore
I don't want to exist at all that's for sure
For I'll always be eaten away and torn
Knowing you dropped me never to return
And no matter how hard I try to battle
This emotional war will never settle
All I'll be is lost, bruised, and dejected
For it's your fault this way I'm affected
I will never let go, I'll never move on
So might as well drown in this world and be gone

Written January 16, 2007

© Copyright 2007 Lena Kovadlo

Our Connection (A Treasured Love) - 3rd Place Winner

These tears are falling like showers
My face but a slippery road
And I find myself losing power
With emotions taking control
I can't cope with myself feeling empty
And alone in this deafening place
Cause I'll drown in tears that sting me
Never-ending and hard to erase

I wish I could reach out my hand
And find yours there to take it
I wish I could call out your name
And hear you whisper back at me
I wish I could see you in person
Instead of just there in my mind
Then maybe I wouldn't feel empty
The way that I'm feeling right now

But you're so out of reach here
This distance I cannot erase
And when I reach out my hands
All I find is just empty space
And though I envision you there
In front of my eyes standing tall
There's no one around to wave to
There's no one to capture at all

It's just me and the deafening silence
And the walls that are closing in
There's no one around to save me
Only birds calling out to me
But their song only brings me more pain
For I'm lost in this jailing world
And I droop on the cold floor shaking
Hoping that I’ll be rescued somehow

Until then I’ll be caught in the storm here
Praying quietly for it to end
Wishing you’d be the one to appear
Before me reaching out your hand
So I’ll grab it and never release it
And hold it close to my flesh
For without your touch I’ll be slipping
Further into my heart’s bitter ash

It is true that I need you beside me
To wipe all my tears away
It is true that I live for your words now
To help me get through passing days
And it’s true that my love’s never-ending
For your caring sensitive soul
It will always flame deep inside me
And forever continue to grow

There’s a reason fate brought us together
It has bonded us here for life
A bond that will never be broken
And cherished forever inside
And no matter what happens around us
I know you’ll always be here
You’ll never break up this connection
This connection that I hold dear

You’re one of a kind my dear
And you mean to me more than you know
You’ll always be treasured so deeply
And my love for you will only grow
You’ll forever be there in my mind
And you’ll linger till my dying day
And even if you’ll never be here
Thoughts of you will help light up my way

And the diamond-like stars in the sky
That brighten the dark dreary night
Will paint me your silhouette
To protect me as my dreams take flight
And these dreams will be beautifully sweet
Drying out the tears that grind
And it’s then I will no longer weep
For your love will imprint on my mind

Written July 30, 2007

© Copyright 2007 Lena Kovadlo